Marko Idžan

Hello, my name is Marko Idžan

and I'm Support Representative Web Designer Administrator Gamer

About me

Marko Idžan is a Croatian Freelance Web Designer & Administrator with experiences in IT Administration and with knowledge of Customer Support roles. I was born in early September of 1993 and I’m Christian Catholic. Personally, I have couple of hobbies and those are Gaming, Photography and Video Production.

Education and learning about Computing started in Primary School “Žitnjak” in year 2000. For High School I went to Technical School “Ruđera Boškovića” where I graduated as Computer Technician in 2012. As for College I went to Zagreb University of Applied Sciences in two degrees, from I finished degree in Computing for Bachelor of Technology.

I have worked for multiple companies on positions like IT Administrator, Web Shop Manager and as Customer Support Representative while also working as Freelance Web Designer with Content Creation.

My current position is Support Representative for major Croatian telecommunication company named Hrvatski Telekom.

What I do

Web Design & Development Expertise

I specialize in creating, designing, and maintaining a wide range of websites, tailoring each site to meet specific client needs and ensuring optimal performance and user experience.

Customer Support Agent

As a Customer Support Agent at Hrvatski Telekom, I specialize in efficiently resolving billing queries with empathy and precision, ensuring customer satisfaction. Additionally, I engage in opportunistic sales, skillfully identifying and fulfilling customer needs during interactions, thereby enhancing their experience and contributing to the company's growth.

System Administration & PC Building

Experienced in system administration and PC building, I have a knack for servicing and assembling purpose-driven PCs. My expertise is enriched by hands-on work in a small office environment and ongoing home lab projects, covering Windows, macOS, and Linux in various client and server roles.

SEO and Social Media Manager

I possess a strong skill set in SEO and social media management, with a particular emphasis on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. My expertise includes optimizing content for search engines, enhancing online visibility, and leveraging meta tags, keywords, and insights to create impactful online presences for businesses and individuals, ultimately maximizing their digital reach and impact.

Contact me

If you want to contact me you can use e-mail or other Social Media Platforms for Communication, which are linked below.

I will answer to your question in 48 hours of sending your message.

+385 (0)91 733 5080

The phone number is available for communication via SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

Social Media Platforms used

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