Technical problems and difficulties

Do you ever happened to you while watching a telecast that he “accidentally” breaks? If the answer is positive for you I have some bad news. You have a “random attack” technical difficulties.Name of fasting as this is a rhetorical question were placed for several reasons.

The first (and most important reason) – so far I’ve experienced a lot of these technical difficulties. In some I was involved (eg wrecking graphics card before almost a week), while the other I experienced while watching TV/stream.

Another reason – if you are a technical problem HAPPENS (just write in capital letters because I want to emphasize something), why should the documents and by YEAR (I won’t name webhosting, but I have heard that they should soon refund € due to frequent faults and failures ). So man of God such random error is corrected within 10 minutes (expirienced peoples) to a maximum of one day, and not faking year retract people and throw them in an awkward situation.

The third reason – because I was the failure of the graphics card (I will get the same in return, thank God) has given more time to prepare for a new tutorial on creating web from scratch. The episode will be short (max 14 minutes) because I’m currently without a partnership program (RPM was shitting about old problems which even YouTube mismatched and I fixed, SB have just fucked application that is dragged their feet on a month to fuck off seasons). New long episodes come in early October (when I get rid of the remaining exams in college).

That’s it for now. This is the last such announcement for this “half”. Next will be sometime in August when I get back from the sea (2 weeks at sea  ).

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