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No they are not concerned Linux If you thought that from the title … These are the two most recent operating system from two sides … And do not question the Android against iOS, but that the other two companies … And if you think it is now well-established  feud between Scroogled Microsoft and calm Google , do not not have another chance to connect the two companies in the triangle quarrels and bickering …

Hope you guessed finally … At issue is the long-awaited review between two major upgrades of operating systems from Microsoft and Apple camps. and upgrades are so large that they become separate operating systems. For Apple, it’s not surprising, but when Microsoft surprise me. You could have it all out as a single service pack for Windows 8, but they do not have to invent something new.

And before I start with reviewing the two new operating systems this year I will quote your hardware, which is already listed in the publication Hackintosh – attempt No. 3

CPU: Intel Core i3-2100@3.2 GHz
Motherboard: ASRock H61M-VS with the latest BIOS on it
Graphics Card: Palit GeForce GT 440 with 1GB DDR3 memory
RAM: 4 GB (1 * 4GB)
Disk Drive: 500 GB Seagate Barracuda
Other hardware: CoolerMaster enclosure with built Corded than 450W, DVD-RW optical drive an unknown manufacturer, Logitech km120 set of keyboard and mouse, Minton MWC 7105 webcam

As you can see the computer age and the newer games such as Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts on low setting, but it is still all to a special story.

How do I agree disk I explained in the previous publication of hackintosh I’m working on now, but a good three weeks. Each operative has its advantages but also its disadvantages, and will be classified into 4 main categories:

  1. firespeed operating system and its general behavior
  2. Gaming (ah know for OS X and I have games on my Steam account)
  3. basic applications to run on the system
  4. new capabilities

1) Speed ​​ignition operating systems and their general behavior

It is well known that I have a Chameleon bootloader so that all measurements were carried out by starting from the bootloader boots up to the end of the ignition with the basic applications that can be ignited at a computer. Some of these applications for both systems are: Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Comodo Antivirus (Internet Security Premium on Windows), Steam and drivers for all possible options (sound drivers to read HFS + partitions on Windows and NTFS partitions on OS X) . As an additional delay at all, I put keying in passwords for computer work.

According to some average times ignition system OS X is slightly higher. That is the average time of ignition OS X is 10 seconds to login screen, and then another 30 seconds until all the other applications do not raise until the very end.

When Windows is a similar situation when it comes to coming up login screen. Yet now I’ll be realistic and say that Windows is faster in this regard. That is the average time to reach this screen is 3 to 5 seconds, depending on the day to day that is how the computer rebooted the system (I thought of when it suits him the male sexual organ but let’s be a little more established with some clever statements). In the second part of the ignition windows are slower for some 10-odd seconds, but just want to add OS X. This slower burning audio drivers and applications Origin.

Both systems are relatively stable (there are minor flaws but it was miserable) and most normal applications that use work without problems (except for Chrome for OS X, but it’s still a story for some other things … Anyway, the main web browser on OS X is Safari).

2) Gaming (games from Steam)

Now we come to the painful point of all users of OS X and Linux. In fact there are not some titles (type Euro Truck Simulator 2) that play on a regular basis. But this game I tried on OS X (Half-Life 2, DLC Quest and The Showdown Effect) had an average framerate, and there were no significant recoil in games.

On Windows, everything works smoothly, there are some FPS drop but nothing special. As I was somewhere in one of the previous reviews published game is spinning faster than the previous iterations of Windows.

3) Basic applications to run on the system

I will only say a few things and it briefly:

  • everything should be there as a free (“free” for certain things) alternative to the opposite system (example: Sony Vegas Pro with Windows has an equivalent in Final Cut Pro Xu).
  • Chrome on OS X has some problems with really slow loading pages or uploading them. On Windows does not have the same problems, so I doubt that Chrome had their “time of the month”. Other browsers are working normally and no major problems.
  • Office is lightly loaded and without the need to install packages from nearly a gigabyte and a half, because the plain Preview works wonders. I say this for OS X, and Windows is known to be some sort of Office package, even LibreOffice.
  • Multimedia does not end because VLC works on both systems.
  • Finder vs. Windows Explorer to give much more to describe, but the advantage is in my opinion the Finder. But still prefer Explorer however as it sounded strange.

4) New Capabilities

Honestly to tell you some things. On OS X is my least new Facebook integration everywhere. Before it was Twitter, but now there’s Facebook integration, which is very good. New Mail and Calendar are good and it has synchronized with the Exchange server (TVZ mail infrastructure for the Exchange so it’s good) and Gmail.

In Windows, the most important new thing is the automatic ignition on Desktop without other applications. Everything else is less important to me, it is essential that this option exists.

CONCLUSION: Both systems are good, each in their own way. I’d rather be on Windows unless you really do not need some OS X stuff like Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, and of course when I want to test something on safari.

Rating OS X Mavericks: 8/10 (minor flaws spoil the impression)

Windows 8.1 rating: 7.5/10 (slower boot spoils the experience, and while he has a tiny blemish).

All in all this is a short review 1vs1 both systems. Your experiences can write in the comments, and some will probably sometimes mentioned.

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