Never trust First impressions

Title seems weird but here it is why you shouldn’t trust First impressions, especially on high-end smartphones.

Here are 3 main points which can make you not buy phone.

Example #1: It is slippery as f*ck

Oh boy, happened a lot of time… Now it is specially noticed on Samsung Galaxy S6 and newer ones. When I first tried phone I was, man this is slippery as f*ck, I can’t take it with me. Also no replaceable battery and no SD Card slot – heck nope. It went fully nope for me.

Now, almost a year and half later I can say few things – doesn’t matter at all. Just buy a skin or protective case dammit. And yes, I’m talking right now about my work phone – Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. I would get it next week as of starting my work, but with official case on it. No some, crappy bs, real stuff is going on. And I can say one thing – it is not slippery as heck, even w/o case. When I first tried S6 I went from biking and that is why it got slippery af and I held it with 2 hands just to not drop it.

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Example #2: That camera sucks

Again, one stupid reason. Maybe it is software issue (happened before on Nexus devices). It can’t be camera them self.

Example #3: Price is too high, no body can afford it

Really, really… Not with example carrier subsidies? What is wrong with you people. Just on’t buy phone at release date, price would drop down.

For instance – a brand new Galaxy S7 edge cost around 6000HRK when it was released here in Croatia and now price is down to around 4500 HRK, unlocked, carrier free device. Simply wait for few months and price would get down. Some people really wants to world burn…

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Those are mine 3 examples of first impressions and why don’t trust them (for most of devices). Just wait for a full review, it helps a lot dang it.

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