And it is Official has became personal domain of choice for pros.

Just kidding, it is official right now. And yes, welcome to my brand new web site, proudly built using one of favorites for web devs and admins platform – WordPress.

As of 22. November 2017. this is Marko’s (aka mine) personal web site with official blog. Here you can find way more about me, find all of works that I have made during last couple of years and also here you can find ways to contact me. It’s simple and super intuitive.

All of posts and content on web site are in English, mostly US slang and less commonly UK slang. That is because I always mix slangs no matter of my almost perfect knowledge of this language which isn’t even my main language.

As of old blog posts you can find them on my blog – . On that domain you would find collection of old blog posts which starts in 2012, even-trough my blogging started way back in 2009 with one of oldest blog posts made in WordPress (yes, I used it but it was I think on

Update on 14.10.2018. : Removed last paragraph and changed link super old posts. Some of them are going to be revived just for sake of lols and whistles

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