Sponsorship’s and Affiliates – My Opinion

OK, here are few of my personal opinions about Sponsors (Sponsored Posts) and Affiliate Programs which you might find on my Social Media pages and Profiles.

At first you would think about my “sponsored” posts, but that is not what is my favorite. And now you guessed right – affiliated posts. That is right, affiliates are one of ways that small content creators make money and most of the time get some bonuses from company which they promote with this kind of posts. Of course that is not main point of this post, man point are my personal opinions about those two so here we go.

Sponsored posts and sponsored content – man, what I actually hate that kind of content. It is mostly about one brand and then there are some you know more “personal” opinions about product or brand. You know, like you love product but in reality it maybe be big pile of shit with great flavor of fresh or like freshly cut grass.

And now here is my opinion for Affiliate Posts also known as Referral Posts.  I actually like way more this kind of posts because of some promotions that I can make with affiliate links with gifts or with some coupon code, like 15% off first purchase or like getting 10$ which can be used to service which can take up to 2 months.

So here is conclusion: why posting that kind of posts.

Well, that is one of kinds which people can help creators & developers so they can earn money and also help people get things cheaper.

Now, when I post something like Referral Link or Affiliate Link, please use it, they can help on both sides 🙂

Update on 14.10.2018.: Just removed Affiliates and Referrals part of post, all new Affiliate content goes to page named – Sponsored, Affiliate and Referral Content.

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