Advertising, ads and hidden Coin miners are everywhere right now.

Yup, it is hard topic to write about it, but I have to.

Important note: all things that I write here is my personal opinion. I actually support non intrusive ads, but intrusive ads and ad-blocker detected sites are out for me.

So, ads. We can see it everywhere from TV (if somebody watch TV now it maybe be some ad on it), billboards, trams, bus, cars and even Interwebz.

Internet is crazy right now about ads. People want that “easy” money from ads and clicks on them, and they want to use others PC’s to mine crypto coins. For me ads are thing which disturbs web sites and make them unusable is they are intrusive. Intrusive ads are those which pop ups when you are reading some post or they overtake your full screen with super small exit or quit button like X in font size 3px.

Also, there are also hacked scripts, mostly JavaScript with included CoinHive which mine Monero from unknown persons which use website. Oh boy, I experienced it for a few times on page which I visit regulary on weekly basis. Hopefully it isn’t my page or page which I admin. That script took my Intel® Core™ i3-6006U to max for a while when I was reading post about integrating some thing into web site that own. That is nasty.

And now here is funny part – I actually have web site which is powered with ads (AdSense and VI – Video Intelligence) and CoinHive script. Yup, I have my old blog on this page and this server which have ads. All ads are regular and they are not intrusive. Heck, even page have a good visit and some random clicks on ads. For CoinHive I integrated it into sidebar so if somebody wants to give CPU resources while sitting on page they can give their resources to donation.

All ads and money gotten from this kind of promoting is going to another promotion on social media, donation to another Content Creators via Patreon (which I have but don’t use still) and to upgrade current computer.

Post updated on: 22.02.2018. with reason: updated links and fixed naming scheme on CPU.

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