All of Refferal and Affiliate Links with Coupon Codes

TunnelBear Free Account / 7-Days Free Trial

Click on this link and use 7-Days Free Trial of Giant Bear Plan which includes Unlimited Data & 1 Year of VPN Protection in more then 20 countries like USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Italy & France, just to name some.

CoinBase - Get 10$ more after 100$ spent

Join to one of biggest Online BitCoin Wallets and get 10$ more on your account after spending or to be clear, investing 100$ into BitCoin or Etherum. Also after spending 100$ you would be gifted with 10$ more on account, and also with this you help me get 10$ on mine account, even-trough it is fair split from CoinBase side.

Studio4Web - 10% off First Purchase of Hosting

With this link and Coupon Code


You can get one of better hosting Solutions in Croatia for almost nothing. I mean, with that kind of support even from Owner from time to time you would be impressed.

All hosting is based of SSD, and it is on great uplink. Unlimited Traffic/Bandwith and cheap but expandable storage from 200MB on basic plan, up to customizable plan with up to 20GB of storage on Shared Hosting is great.

DigitalOcean - Free 10$ VPS SSD Hosting

With DigitalOcean everyone can be happy. You would get 10$ for your “free” one full month trial or maybe two free months of trial with 5$ based VPS. It have multiple server locations and even include good prebuilt Images with already installed WordPress or some other useful platforms.