Soo, this is one of “that” kinds of projects that I wouldn’t share but, because it is recovered lately I can write about it.

Website for Ceramics Craft “BM” is built using WordPress with base using GeneratePress Theme. Website have small modifications to theme, mostly to the CSS and some minor Javascript adjustments.

What is special about this project is that it was started in October of 2015. when friend of mine decided that their family Ceramics Craft need web site for showing off works that they have done and how people can contact them. I started project with care and got almost all materials for start, but after almost 2 months of text changes and some of graphics created for site friend got a important job and let’s say “quit” project. They didn’t send me more info about web site and what would happen to it. For now it page is in administration of mine for almost 2 and half  years when we started back our journey on web site. Now is time of collecting images and rebuilding parts of web site that are outdated.

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