“TechyNews” Web Site

TechyNews is small project which started at late night when I decided to get domain for cheap so I can start news based portal which collects data from other bigger news sites. It is actually news aggregator for lot of technology based topics from Gaming, Mobile Phones, Computers, Security and Programming. It is running WordPress […]

Ceramics Craft “BM” Web Site

Web Site for “Ceramics Craft BM” (Croatian: “Keramičarski obrt BM”) was created in August of 2015 as small portfolio of works which are made from this company. Site is running WordPress, and currently it is in state of crating new design which is more modern that design it was using. Old design was based on […]

Croatian States Plugin for WooCommerce

This is one small project which I created for “maskice.hr” Web Shop and Web Site to improve delivery and Shipping information’s which are provided by customer to adjust Shipping Cost while company used provider which had different price depending on shipping location. Extension was tried to integrate into WooCommerce Core on GitHub but unfortunately, they […]

“Hoću na more (hocunamore.hr)” Web Site

Web Site hocunamore.hr (Hoću na more) started as small idea for restarting and rebuilding web site for Šimun Emanuel Putovanja’s domain and web site which they got year ago, but after some problems with CMS and hacks they closed it for good. Website is rebuilt using WordPress as CMS now, and it uses theme “Travel […]

“Šimun Emanuel Travels” Web Site

“Šimun Emanuel Travels” (in Croatian – “Šimun Emanuel Putovanja”) Web Site was originally built in 2015. using WordPress and using theme “Altair”. It was built to be ready for heavy images and constant uploading of images in posts and tours list. Because original development and design team spread all around the world and couldn’t anymore […]

“Kursiljo Croatia” Web Site

Web Site of Kursiljo Croatia was created in March of 2009. using Joomla! as CMS. For that time it was used to show basic contact informations about Kursiljo (Cursillo) and when people can register to go on Catholic Camp on Krapanj Island. It was running Joomla as CMS for a while until early 2018. when […]

“Marko93 Gaming” Web Site

Small promotional Web Site for “Marko93 Gaming” started as blank idea to create simple, but still useful web site for new project of mine, namely like YouTube Channel which I wanted to create few months ago just to keep it up with old Gaming Videos which I made for multiple Channels that I owned or […]

“Maskice.hr” Web Shop

“maskice.hr” Web Shop and Web Site is project which started in November 2015. with name “Fancy Smartphone Accessories” on another domain. Project got to the current domain in April 2016. Web Site is based on WordPress and Web Shop platform is running on WooCommerce. For design it used multiple premium themes, and latest iteration of […]

“MyBar.hr” Web Shop

Project named “MyBar.hr” started as idea in mid-February 2018. while company “MojBar2018 j.d.o.o.” was still in development. It started as simple promotional web site and after first round of design it got approved. Few months later it got integrated with Web Shop platform WooCommerce by the owner which is currently administering web site on their […]

“najam-vozila.hr” Web Site

Web Site for Car Rental Service “najam-vozila.hr” is built in early January of 2018 using WordPress as base CMS for managing and booking cars. For a design it is running Grand Car Rental Theme from ThemeForest with bunch of small CSS & JavaScript tweaks and with translated theme content to Croatian. As of September of […]