“Šimun Emanuel Travels” Web Site

“Šimun Emanuel Travels” (in Croatian  – “Šimun Emanuel Putovanja”) Web Site was originally built in 2015. using WordPress and using theme “Altair”. It was built to be ready for heavy images and constant uploading of images in posts and tours list. Because original development and design team spread all around the world and couldn’t anymore update web site and keep it up with owners updates I got involved into it while on one pilgrimage with owner of web site and company. After that I started on optimization of web site which is still bit “heavy” because of videos which are loaded from server and because it is on shared web hosting. At the time of writing this portfolio item, web site was in process of integration Ticket Purchasing system which is built on WooCommerce, updating and optimizing of theme used and updating web site to be better in SEO.


Šimun Emanuel Travel Ltd.

Start date

May 2015.

Technologies Used

WordPress, WooCommerce, php, JS, HTML, CSS

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