Marko Idžan

“Kursiljo Croatia” Web Site

Web Site of Kursiljo Croatia was created in March of 2009. using Joomla! as CMS. For that time it was used to show basic contact informations about Kursiljo (Cursillo) and when people can register to go on Catholic Camp on Krapanj Island. It was running Joomla as CMS for a while until early 2018. when it was switched to WordPress which is running right now. My role as Web Administrator started in late 2019. when I helped with fixing one problem and now I’m responsible for putting out online news about all things about Kursiljo Croatia events.
In late January 2022. I started with team of couple Kursiljo members to refresh Web Site and update design to new layout and with updated features. As of mid March 2022. Web Site got new design with modern WordPress Theme – Native Church, with layout designs using Elementor.
Kursiljo Croatia
CSS, Elementor, WordPress
March 2009
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