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Web Site & Social Media Update for Early 2022

Soo, this will be first of many of this kinds of posts on this personal web site and blog. For a few times before, on old Blog I have created couple of this kind of posts with updates what is happening with Web Site and with Social Media Platforms.

Let’s start with Web Site.

It is again reverted to good old WordPress after using JAMStack version of site for almost a year from starting developing it, up to just gave up as there was lot of small problems which became visible after few months of site being published. Major issue was not properly loading images in AVIF format, even-trough it was all properly configured with cleanly coded feature using picture tag. And there was some design problems as well, I screwed it up with whole design. It was full width not normal width, which later annoyed me a lot, but at first it was, fine I guess.

Now, with this design and with optimizations for images to load WebP version of images, Caching using OPcache and with GDPR Compliance Web Site is pretty fast to load, have good loading speeds even if it is mostly powered by ARM based CPU from Oracle Cloud Instance in Frankfurt’s Data Center.

With this version of Site, and this update I decided to remove some Projects as they had major changes and couldn’t take that anymore as my projects. Some projects had updates in text as some things changed a lot, especially for one which now have new domain and new administrators as I will keep design and content for backup purposes.

This year, goal for Web Site is to add more projects, mostly demo ones or old which I want to showcase and more Blog Posts. There are few in Drafts or Work in Progress phase, one Draft version will be soon released (hint: it is about repurposing old PC for home lab/server usage).

In short, here is whole stack from current server and other important updates:

Provider: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Service: Compute
Server: VM.Standard.A1.Flex - 4 ARM OCPU, 24GB of RAM, 50GB Block Storage
System: Oracle Linux 8.5 based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5
System Administration Panel: aaPanel (Free Version)
Web Server Platforms: Apache 2.4, PHP 8.1 with FPM, HTTP/2 and OPcache, MySQL 5.7

And yes, don’t forget about Social Media Platforms.

Last year I didn’t posted a lot on all Socials which I use, which are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as I had lot of personal problems and life got into way.

This year there will be changes, I started more posting trough Facebook Page and I finally started to use more Instagram and TikTok for posting random things. TikTok will be used for more random things which can attract people to it. Now, as of YouTube goes – this year it reached 100 subscribers and I reached that milestone in 3 and half years from starting Channel. Also, that 100 subscribers helped me to get Custom URL for Channel, finally.

There will be more posts from all of major Social Media Platforms, especially YouTube where I will release old videos which were prior to this Channel Public with old Channels. On others there will be at least 5 posts per month, and that is my personal promise to you all. I will try to use more custom made graphics for posts, thanks to Canva which have good templates for almost all things that I want to create without opening Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer.

That is all for Q1 2022. (almost wrote 2021., screw that year and 2020. too) update for site and Social Media platforms.

Cover image is my own work and it is created using Canva.

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Posted on: 30. January 2022
Last edited on: 17. February 2022
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