Hello, my name is Marko and this is my personal website. I’m born in early September in 1993 which means that I’m now 24 years old. For Religious believes I’m fully fledged Christian.

My current state of employment, education and other important information looks something like this: happily employed in company “Great Choice d.o.o.” within “maskice.hr” brand as IT Technician and Web Administrator. For current state of education I can say that it is in state of part-time college study of “Computer systems and network engineering”, “Department of Computing and Information Technology” at “Zagreb University of Applied Sciences“. With all of above still have time to create content for YouTube and other various social media platforms.

As far as hobby goes, I would most likely say that I have multiple of hobbies. Some of hobbies are sports alike and some of them include bicycle riding in various conditions, running and swimming. For some non-sport like hobbies I like to show off photography, writing, reading books and IT magazines and finally programming.

Education and IT growth

As far education goes it all started in Primary school “Žitnjak”, Zagreb back in year 2000. In primary school I managed to learn a lot of new stuff, from which one side managed to get my attention in 4th grade. That stuff was call Informatics. From 5th grade and up to 8th grade in Informatics class I got to learn new and exciting stuff about Computers, Basic operations with computer and Internet, programming in BASIC and LOGO, some photography editing and finally building website. Some of knowledge which I learnt in primary was left behind like BASIC and LOGO, but others like photography editing and web design stay until present day.

Choosing high-school was one of important thing to do in 8th grade. I had some decisions about 2 schools but eventually chose the right one. It was “Technical school of Ruđer Bošković”, Zagreb. This high-school was and still is one of better IT high-schools in Zagreb, especially in developing students which know what they can do and where they can apply knowledge. I got in “Ruđer” as most of people call this school in year 2008. From 1st grade up to 4th grade I got to learn lot of details about PC architecture, System Administration of Small-Office/Home-Office Systems, programming in C/C++ and C# a bit, professional networking using CISCO gear and about PCB design. This also expanded my views for next step in education, but also helped my alot to get my branch of IT.

Next big step in education was choosing right college. Before “matura” I had wide variety of colleges to choose. One of them was “Zagreb University of Applied Sciences” and another one which I had in mind was “University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica”. I choose “Zagreb University of Applied Sciences” but with a twist. I had to enter into “Deparment of Electrical Engineering”. Reason for that is just plain system error or to be precise – people wanted “easier Department” which was in 2012 and that was “Deparment of Computing”. “Department of Electrical Engineering” was my third choice on list for college in “Postani student” system for a while, but when I saw what is happening to my position in two departments I said to myself: “Screw it, it is similar to other two departments so I can move to another one next academic year”. That was a horrible mistake which took me 4 years of not so successful education to somehow fix it. Meanwhile in “Department of Electrical Engineering” I had to learn some new stuff like programming in Java and LabView, using MatLab and GNU Octave as Open-Source alternative, new stuff about embedded systems and had access to learn and improve networking knowledge using CISCO gear.

After 4 years spent in wrong department of college, in middle of June 2016. I found about some progress made for part-time study which blew me away. That was that I can start fresh as part-time student but with a twist (again) – have to finish exams which are different from old department. After All, this isn’t bad as it would be if I had to start college from scratch. That part-time study is now on “Department of Computing and Information Technologies”. It is part-time because of current work, and also because I couldn’t start as regular student anymore on same college without getting involved in “matura” again.

Update – 22. January 2018. : “Gold Deal d.o.o” changed name to “Great Choice d.o.o”