About Me

Marko Idžan, also known as me, is Freelance Web Designer and Web Administrator, with pretty good knowledge of System Administration for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Linux Systems and yes, even mac OS Systems.

I’m Christian Catholic, and I was born in early September of 1993. I have couple of hobbies from which some are biking, photography and video production.

My education and early learning of computing started in year 2000 in Primary School “Žitnjak”. Here I learned in Computing Class basics (no pun intended) of Basic, Logo and Web Design. While in school I experimented with System Administration and installing Windows on personal computer after then for me major problem. Next step in education was Technical high School “Ruđera Boškovića”. This was place in which I learned more about programming in C/C++, understandings of microprocessors and basic programming of them and most importantly – more advanced System Administration, especially on Server side where I learned stuff which I know today. Also, here I learned about Networking and using Cisco branded devices to administer them. In time while I was learning advanced programming I started to create web sites, using technologies which were active in those days. In those days I got to administer project of Parish’s Web Site which I accepted and I administer until this day.

Next step in Education was starting college in Zagreb University of Applied Sciences within degree for Electrical Engineering with specialization to Communication and Computing Technology. Here I learned more advanced stuff with Networking using Cisco gear, and also learned how to create programs in Java or any other Object Oriented Programming language. Because of couple exams, and fortunate event that I can start working for Gold Deal Ltd. in timely manner I switched degrees to start fresh as part-time student for Computing with specialization to Computer Systems and Networks Engineering.

Personal Work Experience would look like this: man who can do it all – from Web Shop Administration, IT Administration of Company’s devices and Computer Service Manager, up to be Sales Representative when needed and yes, even Social Media Management for Gold Deal Ltd. This workflow continued in Great Choice Ltd., but now I was doing some Web Design for Customers, not just for our company. Also, while working for Great Choice Ltd., I have started doing some Video Production of Promotional Videos for Social Media and Advertising TV’s in shops. After doing this for 10 months it went down to scaling down work to do IT Administration with Servicing Computers, some Social Media Administration and finally I got promotion to UI/UX Designer because here I had to create some designs for future projects which were later developed and deployed by other company’s workers for Global Print Ltd.

Today, I’m Freelance Web Designer & Administrator with some works done in Social Media Management and in my field of education – IT Administration. While doing Freelance works I’m still learning new things about Front-End Design with latest Frameworks and getting back on track with older Back-End Skills in Web Development.


  • Primary School “Žitnjak”, Zagreb (2000 – 2008)
  • Technical School “Ruđera Boškovića”, Zagreb – Computing Technician (2008 – 2012)
  • Zagreb University of Applied Sciences – Electrical Engineering, Communications and Computer Technology (2012 – 2016)
  • Zagreb University of Applied Sciences – Computing, Computer Systems and Networking (2016 – Present)

Work Experience

  • Gold Deal Ltd. – Web Shop Administrator, IT Administrator, Social Media Manager (Nov. 2016 – Jan. 2018)
  • Great Choice Ltd. – IT Administrator, Web Shop Administrator, Social Media Manager (Jan. 2018 – Oct. 2018)
  • Global Print Ltd. – IT Administrator, Social Media Manager, UX/UI Designer (Oct. 2018 – Dec. 2018)
  • Self-EmployedFreelance Web Designer & Administrator (Jan. 2019 – Present)


  • Web Design & Development, Web Administration
  • System Administration
  • Servicing of Computers
  • Programming
  • Photography, Video Production